Corporate Bicycle Services

Employee Bicycle Maintenance Incentive Program

Bike By Brian is proud to present to your business organization a unique and innovation bicycle maintenance program designed to encourage and increase bicycling as a primary source of transportation to and from the work place. The program is provided by the employer to the employee as a benefit/incentive.

What it is. How it works.

Bikes by Brian will provide a mobile service that comes to the company location and performs bicycle maintenance services on a monthly. As an employee benefit, company’s will have the option to pay for all or a portion of services rendered.

An environmentally conscientious program that’s a win /win for company’s, employees, and the planet.

Companies know that a strong employee incentive’s package attract top talent. Today, more and more employees are seeking alternative transportation to and from the work place. The Bikes By Brian maintenance program will be a strong added value in the benefit mix. This is why.

  1.       Provides Employee’s the opportunity save money on auto fuel and maintenance costs

  2. Provides a positive reflection/perception on participating companies by demonstrating they are doing their part in promoting and providing alternative employee transportation modes.

  3. Promotes employee fitness and conditioning, which lends to increased productivity and less sick time away from work. By its design, a mobile service takes the time, thought and hassle out of bicycle maintenance.

  4.        Gives employee’s peace of mind with added convenience knowing bike maintenance is


The Details. It’s very simple.

Bikes By Brian will obtain a list of those employee’s participating in the program. Companies can choose there own guidelines for program eligibility (ex. Must ride to work at least 3 days a week, weather permitting). Then, on a monthly basis, the described services will be performed on those bicycles on-site. Bikes By Brian will send monthly bills for services performed to the company. Again, companies have the option to pay for all or a portion of services, leaving employee’s with a portion that can be deducted from paychecks or can be billed directly to employee’s from Bikes By Brian.

Costs – Monthly

$25/month per bicycle.

Month 6 in maintenance cycle – $50

Month 12 in maintenance cycle – $100

Average monthly cost- $33/month*

50/50 employee/employer split- $16.50/month

*Includes all labor and some parts. Parts not inclusive are bike owners / company responsibility.