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Scott Barabash

I usually don’t write reviews unless I feel really strong one way or the other…So, here I am writing a review in support of Brian; he just tuned up 2 of my bikes. He was professional, and friendly, and did a great job! He was willing to work around my schedule, agreed to make a house call, and when things were more complicated than first thought, he still worked diligently to ensure everything worked smoothly. He did not cut any corners on fixing them, instead went the extra mile, and was reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him, and will definitely use him again if/I have any bike issues.

Michael Straus

Highly recommend Brian if you need a tune up or other work on your bike. He was honest, thorough, and fair.
I met Brian on the Mill Valley-Sausalito bike path towards the end of a Saturday ride. I knew my bike was due for a tune up and likely time for a new chain soon, so I stopped to talk with him. He looked at my bike quickly and confirmed my chain was past needed a replacement. He graciously agreed to work around my schedule an meet me early the next morning to tune up my bike. He did an extremely thorough job of tuning it, cleaning up the drive train, and even serviced my mavic hub after identifying the pedal drag (and talking with me about it). He was honest, telling me my cassette was still good, and that there was some fraying on a derailleur cable but can wait till next time to replace. When I got my bike back if felt like new again, clean, shifting and breaking worked great, and no pedal drag. He did a much more careful and thorough job then the bike shop i brought my bike to last time and at a competitive price. I will definitely bring my bikes to Brian in the future as I need work done and highly recommend him.
Matt Diamond

I met Brian on Paradise Loop yesterday and walked away extremely impressed with his courtesy, acumen, and judgment. He fixed the derailer and brake pads on my Specialized Roubaix perfectly (they had been troublesome for a while), and I was able to ride back to the City more smoothly than I could before I saw him. The man is nothing short of a blessing in Sausalito; I highly, highly recommend that you see him.
Mark Madeo

Excellent and quick gear tuning that helped me get back home with buttery-smooth shifting! Highly recommended and I’ll be using him again. Thanks again Brian!
Neil Thomson

Brian helped my find some odd noises that were troubling … Also performed some repairs to my wheel set.. Truing.. Brake adjusting. Things are running great. Easy to talk to.
Albert Tommei

Brought my Scott CR-1 road bike to Brian a couple weeks ago as the the chain was skipping. He replaced the cassette, chain and while at it, serviced my free hub. The wheel now runs much more quiet and the pedal drag is gone. He did a great job and got me back on the road again quickly. All at a very reasonable rate. Highly recommended.
Taryn Graham

I met Brian when he was offering minor bike repairs for free on the bike path between Sausalito and Tiburon; with the highly technical self-diagnosis of “my front wheel whines like a horde of mosquitoes” he smiled, got to work right away, and with a little attention to my front rotor and calipers, I was good to go. Brian’s friendly and knowledgeable – I happily recommend his work!